Monday Prescriptions – 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Looking for Your First Film Job

Hello Film Doctor friends. Are you ready to face another busy, productive week? We hope our Monday Prescription will ease your way

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Monday Prescription – 8 Signs You Should Not Be In The Movie Business

Hello, Film Doctor friends.   As another week begins, another Monday Prescription  springs into your inbox! Today the Film Doctor team are going to suggest

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Monday Prescriptions – Where Is The Money For Your Project?

Hi Film Folk! As Film Doctor mentioned before, part of the team are cooking up a feature film project. So, for

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Hi Film Folk! At an age (wonderful 24) when a lot of people are only beginning to scrape their career

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Monday Prescriptions – On The Legal Side

Hi Film Folk! This Monday The Film Doctor Team would like to turn your attention to all of those tedious, mind-boggling

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The Bugs that Bite Your Independent Production

Hi Film Folk! Another weekend has gone by and The Film Doctor Team are ready to share with you another healthy dose of

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