‘Battle of the Sexes’ Production Designer – Judy Becker – In Conversation

Hello Film Doctor friends. Judy Becker is known for performing world class production design duties on a string of hit, award-winning

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‘War Dogs’, ‘Fast 8’ production designer – Bill Brzeski – In Conversation

Hi Film Folk, Here’s another In Conversation. This time with War Dogs and The Hangover trilogy production designer Bill Brzeski!     Tell us a little

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‘Wiener-Dog’ production designer – Akin McKenzie – In Conversation

Hi Film Folk, Today we bring you another In Conversation. This time with Wiener-Dog and Goat production designer Akin McKenzie!     Where did you grow

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‘The Nice Guys’ Production Designer – Richard Bridgland – In Conversation

Tweet Hi Film Folk, Today we bring you another In Conversation. This time we had the pleasure of chatting with the amazing The Nice

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‘The Martian’ production designer – Arthur Max – In Conversation

Film Folk! The Film Doctor team are delighted to bring you another insightful In Conversation in the run up to the big British

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In Conversation: Allan Starski (Production Designer of Schindler’s List, The Pianist, Oliver Twist)

Hi Film Folk, Today The Film Doctor Team bring you another exclusive interview-shaped treat for your film-hungry minds. Production Designer Allan

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