“Thank you so much for your feedback. Your interesting comments and suggestions have really been useful to me. The notes got me thinking. It really helped. Thanks.”

Elena Dapelo – Screenwriter/Producer


“Many thanks for the notes, very useful. Lot’s to discuss and develop, another few weeks and the script will be sizzling!”

Julian Brown – Writer/Producer


“Well worth the wait and money spent!!! Thank you so much and will be sending you more (already emailed) :)”

Stacy LaMontagne – Writer, USA


“Thank you so much for the detailed notes and review of my screenplay.  I thank you for the great service you have provided.”

Max Rothman – Writer/Director, NYC


“I’m pretty much semi-relying on this feed to keep me up to date on film news! And obviously other things – contracts are something I wouldn’t have thought as much about in the production process, more in the selling phase, but it’s obviously crucial even in pre-production and production, top in the producer’s mind”

James Coe, Creative Director – Platinum Media

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