The Film Doctor Team are an international film consultancy, based in London, working with clients around the world. Whatever we do, it is always with YOU in mind!



As a film consultancy we strive to aid the story, production and marketability of your Films, whether looking at a screenplay or a rough cut. Film Doctor can come on board at any stage!

Film Doctor offers tailored packages that include Script Consultancy, Film Consultancy, Storyboarding, Film Marketing and much more.

The Film Doctors share a long list of experience between them. They have worked with BAFTA-winning directors, for Studio and Independent Feature Films, Shorts, Animation companies, National Print Media Corporations, Marketing Departments, Festivals, Broadcast Television and Lectured Universities in the art of the craft and the business of Film. Our main experiences are in Screenwriting, Directing and Producing.



NB/ These are on hold until further notice, due to a high volume of submissions and development work.

Film Doctor holds Film Doctor Lab and Film Doctor Meet-Ups every other month.

The Labs are more like your usual film development workshops, where everyone gets a chance to have their work reviewed and consulted. However, they are not your usual workshops, as we give one-to-one session slots to the Film Doctor Lab participants – a chance to talk ONLY about YOUR work.

The Film Doctor Meet-Ups give an opportunity to focus solely on meeting like-minded people and facilitating film collaborations. We also invite guest speakers, from screenwriters & producers to journalists, marketers and sales agents.

There are 2 things we want to achieve:

1. Make our sessions AFFORDABLE to EVERYONE.

2. Provide focus on YOU and YOUR projects. You’ll still get the hearsay from the film industry and the famous Hitchcock quotes, but much more time on you. It’ll keep your brains much more active, and ours!

Thank you,

The Film Doctor Team

For more information regarding our services or workshops please don’t hesitate to contact us here:


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