‘Frantz’ director François Ozon – London Film Festival quickfire questions

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François Ozon talks Frantz and filmmaking with us at the 60th BFI London Film Festival in a quick–fire In Conversation.

Francois Ozon at London Film Festival on the Frantz red carpet
Francois Ozon at London Film Festival on the Frantz red carpet


How did Frantz come together? 

It’s a long story. A co-production between France and Germany. We found the money in Germany quite easily. The German’s were very excited about the project. For France it was more difficult because the film is in black and white and part of the dialogue is in German. In the end we did the project so it turned out fine. It took two months to shoot.

How often do you watch other people’s films these days?

I watched a lot of films when I was younger but now when I’m in the process of filming I have less time to watch movies. I’m less excited to watch movies than when I was young and wanted to learn and discover many things but I still try to go to the movies when I can.

Do you ever look back over your old films?

No. It’s the past. I turn the page very easily. I abandon my children (laughs).


What is you favourite part of the filmmaking process

I love the editing process because it’s a way to rewire the film and you learn with the editor. It’s intellectually exciting and challenging.


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