5 ways for filmmakers to make the most of 2016 – Motivational Monday Prescription

Hi Film Folk!

We’re kicking off 2016 with some vicious inspiration for all of you and we’ve kept it nice and short to save you time 🙂
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1. Listen. Only by listening to those who have achieved success in the field you desire, will you be able to get to where you want to be.
2. Ignore. Those who have no experience in your industry or who proclaim grand statements without qualifying why. The industry is littered with stories of star actors or writers or others who were told ‘no’ by someone enjoying their power and ego too much. Learn to tell the difference between 1 and 2!

3. Experience. Don’t know what your calling is yet but know it’s in film? Get out there and get some experience so you know what your strengths and preferences are.

4. Fail. Fear of failure or how you may be perceived paralyses so many people. To err is human. That’s how you learn.
5.  To paraphrase Stephen Fry in his autobiography: make a realistic list of what you wish to achieve and stick to it.


We hope that gives you a delightful kick in the pants. We have a whole host of amazing creatives being interviewed this year and we’re also offering up a Film Doctor membership (in addition to this), so get ready!

‘Monday Prescription’  No.116 – Listen to the right people, ignore the wrong, learn the difference between the two. Experience, fail and stick to your plans!


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Have a great week!
The Film Doctor Team
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