Fun Fridays – Director’s Favourite Films – John Maclean

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With the upcoming UK release of new Michael Fassbender movie Slow West the Film Doctor team thought it right to share the director’s favourite film influences.

At a Jameson Film Club Q&A yesterday, Director John Maclean shared these words and influences:

“I pretty much just used to watch RoboCop, Die Hard and Predator, so I didn’t feel like a real film fan, as all my arty friends were watching Three Colours Red, Blue, Green and Orange (laughs). Then in the early 90s, Tarantino did a talk at the Cameo cinema and I realised you’re allowed to shoot people in art-house cinema. That was a huge breakthrough for me. Then I started watching all those films that influenced him and those that influenced those ones and now I’m watching some old Japanese cinema!”

Maclean also cited the Coen Bros as a key reference/influence for Slow West.

Slow West is released in the UK on Friday June 26th.
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