Happy Holidays – A Year in Monday Prescriptions

Hello Film Doctor friends,

As we begin to unwrap this holiday week, we’d like to thank you for sharing your projects with us and wish you all the very, merry best this festive period…

FD Christmas

..and we have a little gift of our own! The Top 5 ‘Monday Prescriptions’ of 2014.


Lessons from Top 5 Monday Prescriptions of 2014

  • ‘Monday Prescription’ No. 106 – Self-pity, comparison to others and procrastination are among the top 5 worst, self-destructive things that we impose on ourselves. Cut out the harmful attitudes, which are so easy to fall into and you’ll start to see real progress. (From: 5 Things Filmmakers Should Stop Doing Today
  • ‘Monday Prescription’ No.93 – Paint pictures. Don’t overdo it. Don’t distract from the story/theme. Know your intentions. Know what the market wants/the industry standards. (From: 5 Things A Screenwriter Mustn’t Do)
  • ‘Monday Prescription’  No.110 – Get your head around what ‘nice shots’ and nice moments truly mean. Understand the sum and the parts, both together and separately.Make sure what you’re shooting is relevant to the moment. Understand when to use flourishes and when to use subtlety.  (From: What Makes A Nice Shot?)
  • ‘Monday Prescription’ No.97 – Take control of your career (acting or otherwise). Ask yourself ‘what actor am I’ and/or ‘what actor do I want to be’. Now doesn’t mean forever, keep your eye on the long term goal. Get work, get known.  (From: Branding Yourself As An Actor)
  • ‘Monday Prescription’ No. 95 – Survey the key aspects of every film that you class as a comparable. Contextualise those points. It’s no good comparing your project to American Hustle if you do not have access to the finance or talent of that scale, even if your project’s theme/story/premise strikes you as similar. Take note of the differences as well as the similarities.  (From: 6 Checklist Points For Your Film)


And as an extra pinch of inspiration for the new year, here’s a collage of great quotes we’ve collected in 2014:


Film Doctor Inspiration Collage

Happy holidays from the Film Doctor team!


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