Fun Friday – Production Designer Steve Saklad’s Favourite Films

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It’s FUN FRIDAY time and this week we asked recent interviewee, Production Designer Steve Saklad (22 Jump Street, The Muppets) what film he feels every Production Designer or filmmaker should watch.

You can read his full interview about his life and career here.


Film Doctor - Steve Saklad


So Steve, what are the top 10 films every Production Designer (or for that matter filmmakers in general) should watch?


Oy, voice-of-God pronouncements always scare me. These are just some great flicks I love watching, and you’ll see a huge bias towards the theatrical here:

An American in Paris

The Graduate


The Shining

Pennies from Heaven

Once Upon a Time in America

The Adventures of Baron Munchhausen

Edward Scissorhands

What Dreams May Come (bad movie but oh, that design work!)

Minority Report

City of Lost Children


And from recent vintage:

Moulin Rouge

The Tree of Life

Anna Karenina



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