Fun Fridays – Director’s Favourite Films – Paul Greengrass

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Looks like another working week is behind us, which can only mean… Fun FridayMarking the release of “Captain Phillips ” the Film Doctor team turns to its Director Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Ultimatum, The Bourne Supremacy, Bloody Sunday, Green Zone, United 93) for some cinematic picks:

  • The Battle of Algiers (1966, dir. Gillo Pontecorvo)I could pick a dozen films, like Citizen Kane, Night & Fog, Jules et Jim, you know what I mean? But The Battle Of Algiers had a profound effect on me personally. I remember seeing that when I was 17 years old and it stayed with me forever.” (P. Greengrass in an interview with Rob Carnevale for BBC Films)
  • Z (1969, dir. Costa-Gavras)
  • Kes (1969, dir. Ken Loach)
    • “Any film by Alan Clarke” – which could be Made In Britain (1982),  Rita, Sue and Bob Too! (1987) , or Scum (1979) because his films are oddly more combative. They’re slightly more street fighting in a way and I like that and can feel that in my self too. When Stephen Frears said “he became the best of all of us”, he was speaking the truth. I think he was an outstanding voice.” (P. Greengrass in an interview with Rob Carnevale for BBC Films)

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