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The first nine days of August seem to have been rather exciting for UK cinema-goers – offering a vast array of Summer blockbusters and alternative art-house pieces (e.g. last week’s Fun Fridays feature, Nicolas Winding Refn’s “Only God Forgives”). 

Now that we’ve had some conjuring and a bit of Alan Partridge, it is time to look at Summer’s latest cinematic installment – Disney’s “The Lone Ranger” – for movie-making inspiration.


Yes, that’s right! This week’s Director’s Favourite films focuses on the influences of punk-rocker-turned-filmmaker, Director of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” thrillogy, Mr. Gore Verbinski.


Here are his influences:

  • “Duck, You Sucker!” (1971, dir. Sergio Leone) – “That’s a film that, when I was really young, I snuck into a theater and saw, and it’s just one of those ‘Wizard of Oz’-type movies where I was age inappropriate and I was invited into this world.” (G. Verbinsky for Drew Taylor, 2012,
  • “Charly” (1968, dir. Ralph Nelson) – “Identity quest […]”Falling in and out and discovering who you are.”
  • “The Passenger” (1975, dir. Michelangelo Antonioni) ‘The Passenger’ has a little more of pretending and the puppet that can’t escape the strings. People create avatars but there’s blowback; you aren’t completely liberated by assuming that alternate identity. 
  • “The Wild Bunch” (1969, dir. Sam Peckinpah) – “A post-modern western […] worlds getting more complicated. The silhouette of the man on the street with the gun on your hip, and then came disillusionment; the horizon got cluttered and the silhouette got harder to define. […] I think people imagine going back to a time when they knew who they were and they knew what the circumstances were – if you screwed up it was your fault. Now it’s like, ‘What do you mean the stock market’s crashed? I had nothing to do with that.’ People are at a loss for understanding. So I like those kind of stories, the post-modern western where things have evolved and the individual is no longer in control.” (G. Verbinsky for Drew Taylor, 2012,

“The Lone Ranger” opens in UK cinemas nationwide today, 9th Aug.

Film Doctor - The Lone Ranger

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