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The long-awaited biopic of a man who was once Britain’s richest, “the King of Soho” Paul Raymond,  is finally here. That’s right,  “The Look Of Love”  is released in the UK today and The Film Doctor Team are putting the spotlight on its director Michael Winterbottom.

Michael Winterbottom Odessa International Film Festival [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Prolific British filmmaker – 17 features in 15 years! – Michael Winterbottom has covered a vast range of subjects & stories (from 24 Hour Party People and A Mighty Heart to Trishna  and The Killer Inside Me“, to name a few), while staying true to his trademark genre-bending techniques,  jump cuts and non-conformist style.

So where does Mr. Winterbottom get his cinematic inspirations from? Well, he says in an interview with The Guardian, “I try never to answer those top 10 things,” […]”I blame Nick Hornby for them.” But here’s a “semi-list” of what ‘gets his creative juices flowing’:

  • German New Wave – Along with our previous “Fun Fridays” Director of choice, Francois Ozon, Winterbottom is also an avid fan of German New Wave Cinema – in particular, the works of Rainer Werner Fassbinder
  • Thomas Hardythe Victorian classic, Hardy seems to be Winterbottom’s favourite choice of author. The Director has made 3 adaptations of Hardy novels: “Jude The Obscure” in 1996 into Jude“, “The Mayor of Casterbridge in 1999 into The Claim, “Tesse of d’Urbervilles” in 2011 into “Trishna”
  • Krysztof Kieslowski – Winterbottom’s projects “I Want You” (1998), “Wonderland” (1999) and “Code 46” (2003) all include visual/spoken references to the great Polish auteur.

Film Doctor - The Look Of Love movie poster

“The Look of Love” is hitting the UK screens today, 26 April 2013.

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