Lessons from the Oscars 2013

So, the Academy Awards have finished once again (see the winners here) and, like with last year’s Oscars Monday Prescription, The Film Doctor Team are going to see what can be learned from the prestigious talent in attendance…



Of course, the lists of thank yous were, once again, endless with Best Director winner Ang Lee offering his appreciation to ‘the over 3000 people who worked on’ Life of Pi.

Best Picture winner Ben Affleck thanked the every entire nation involved in the making of Argo and, of course, wives, husbands, family, friends, agents, actors, writers, directors, lawyers, studios, financiers, distributors were all on the tips of the award-winner’s tongues.

They’re thankful. So what?! What does it mean? It means that although the innate talent of George Clooney or Jennifer Lawrence is unquestionable, it takes an entire town full of people to facilitate their success. Doors need opening, talent needs spotting, personalities must be liked, risks (and you are a risk if not yet proven) need taking. So if you’re arrogantly swaggering around parties and events (or worse, just your bedroom) thinking you don’t need anyone and you are ‘it’ then prepare to go nowhere, fast. Every individual success bows at the temple of mass effort.



Christopher Plummer (presenting an award) hit home the same point he made just last year, showing how important this ingredient is to achieving your goals.  The legendary actor said “Persistence is key, there are no overnight successes here tonight. They are all seasoned perennials who have been acting since they were teenagers.”

Think about that before you get disheartened next time!



As Film Doctor always say,  the screenplay is the most important springboard for the success of your film.

Quentin Tarantino said “the quality of writing was so high this year. This is the writer’s year man!”

So get your hands on some of those nominated scripts (he clearly reads them carefully!) and make sure to find an absolutely flawless screenplay if you’re a director/producer or write one if you’re a screenwriter!


Getting The Actors Right

Mr. Tarantino also said he would never have made a film so successful if it wasn’t for the actors that brought his characters to life so perfectly.

Daniel Day-Lewis (accepting his Best Leading Actor award) praised Steven Spielberg for allowing him to create Abraham Lincoln with freedom, saying “he’s incredibly open-minded.”

So directors out there, make sure to a.) stop at nothing to find the right actors and b.) offer the right balance between creative control and freedom with your actors.

More on this here.


Well those are this year’s tips. We’ll see you again next week when our usual Monday Prescriptions will return.

Monday Prescription No. 52 – In the end, every film is a result of teamwork but it’s down to you to stay focused and persistent to start off with. Make sure that what you DO start off with is a great script. Cast great actors to bring it to life.

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