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Well, well, well.  Hasn’t this shaped up to be a controversial awards season!

Kathryn Bigelow has taken some extreme heat over Zero Dark Thirty due to the ‘justification/condoning of CIA torturing’ while Quentin Tarantino has had the same over both general film violence and his spaghetti western version of slavery, Django Unchained

Ben Affleck has slipped under the controversy radar with Argo, which everybody seems to love but has had its fair share of criticism. Screenwriter Chris Terrio admitted he had only researched the CIA’s side of the story and not visited Iran.

Meanwhile, acclaimed writer/director Michael Haneke has dug into Steven Spielberg (and the past) at a recent awards season round table. He took exception to Spielberg’s  use of the gas chambers as a form of entertainment in Schindler’s List calling it ‘unspeakable’.

Check out the full Hollywood Reporter writer’s round table with Haneke and Terrio:

And here’s Bigelow’s interview regarding her movie’s torture scenes:

Finally check out Tarantino’s recent argument with journalist Krishnan Guru-Murthy:


Did Tarantino handle the interview well? Is his movie a tasteful treatment of the subject of slavery? Should the Argo and Zero Dark Thirty writers have visited Iran for a more balanced story? What do you think of Haneke‘s comments?

Should film-makers have more of a sense of a responsibility about their work or is everybody being a bit too serious about all this?


The Film Doctor Team want to know what you think about all these issues, as entertainers, as artists, as an audience and as human beings.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!
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