The Best of 2012

Hi Film Folk!

As the year yawns, shuts its eyes and draws itself to a close, The Film Doctor Team prepare for 2013 and take a look back on your favourite posts of the year – just in case you missed out on some.



Monday Prescriptions

It seems a lot of you film folk are having second thoughts about where you are geographically, with ‘Are you even in the right country?’ ranking the highest of our MPs.

‘How to be Christopher Nolan’ is next in line, although you must remember Nolan’s closing words film folk  – work with your own resources and tastes!

We’re glad that so many of you are thinking about distribution early into your projects, with ‘Alternatives to theatrical distribution’ hot on the above’s heels.

Finally, ‘A Director’s Guide to Actors’ caught your attention, which is great because astounding performance (on top of a great story) is the most fundamental and cost-effective method of first class production value and it is so often overlooked by technology-obsessed directors.


Fun Fridays

Ted director, Seth MacFarlane’s Favourite Films and Skyfall director, Sam Mendes’s were unsurprisingly the most popular Fun Fridays, along with (more randomly) Jim Jarmusch’s Favourites.


In Conversation

Our interview series is extremely popular with you film folk and we are hoping to bring you several times as many in 2013. Supply and demand, supply and demand!

Your favourites included:

David Baddiel (The Infidel)

Lara Greenway (Deviation, Hard Boiled Sweets)

Tom Kingsley and Will Sharpe (Black Pond)

Laurie Rose (Sightseers, Kill List, Down Terrace)


Moving On

Well. Look back (not too much) and look forward (not too much) and do what you have to do this year. It’s all down to you!


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Have a great week and a wonderful 2013!
The Film Doctor Team
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