Monday Prescriptions – Operation Bullseye

Hi Film Folk,

Today’s post will be about choosing your target. And your only target is the right target.

Film Doctor Reaching Targets

Let’s start with a few analogies shall we?

When you’re in the middle of a war you fire only at the other side right? You don’t just fire at anyone. In football, the other goal? You’re throwing darts at the dartboard right? Shopping? You don’t go to any retailer to buy goods (the 99p store looking for an iMac or Boots to buy an engagement ring) you go where you KNOW your items will be found.

One thing you NEED to KNOW about your film/script IS: It can NOT be sold to/optioned to/produced by/distributed by ANYONE.

OK. That sounds pretty bad. It wasn’t meant to. We don’t mean no one will buy/option/produce/distribute. We simply mean that not just anyone will do it. It has to be a SPECIFIC someone.

Don’t buy an IMDBpro subscription or any of the other contacts database books and laugh to yourself and think you have the secret to everything just because you now have a few phone numbers and email addresses. You won’t get anywhere without precision, time and focus. That book of contacts is for everyone in the world it isn’t just for you. You need to create your own trimmed down list that applies to you only (and yes it will probably take weeks and maybe more re-drafting than it took for your script/film.) You will visit every website and survey every film/writer/director on the prod co or sales agents or distributors lists and you will ruthlessly cut out any that do not fit you. You will end up with about a quarter of the list you started with but this list is the one you need. It is only for you. It has taken weeks of careful preparation but there will not be one wasted email or phone call because the person sending and the person receiving match.

You will have saved time in not writing unnecessary emails, you will have saved your heart from rejections from companies that would never have taken you on because you make horror and they make romance, and you will know that ‘THE INDUSTRY’ is not one huge ethereal space, but like the world, vast yet made up of continents, countries, cities, towns and villages and that only SOME of it is relevant to you.

Now you won’t be shopping for oranges at the Apple store or throwing darts at a chess set. You’ll be hitting the bullseye. Maybe not at first, but you know where the board is and that’s a start.

Choose calculatedly and wisely.

FD Monday Prescription No.5 – Focus your submissions/requests. Get them into the RIGHT hands, not just any hands.

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