Monday Prescriptions – 5 Ways to Live Your Film Career Dream

Hi Film Folk, In this week’s Monday Prescription, the Film Doctor team look into a question that many writers, producers,

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Monday Prescriptions – 3 Things You Need to Know About Costume Design

Hello Film Doctor friends. Other than the Cannes buzz, the Film Doctor team are getting very excited about an interview we are soon to

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Monday Prescriptions – Do Female Filmmakers Sabotage Themselves?

Hello Film Doctor friends. With another great edition of the Birds Eye View Film Festival just wrapped, the Film Doctor team have decided

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Monday Prescription – 5 Things to Prepare before Renting Kit

Hi Film Folk, The Film Doctor Team hope you’ve had a very relaxing (or productive!) weekend and are ready to

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Monday Prescription – 5 Things a Screenwriter Mustn’t Do

Hi Film Folk, This week’s Film Doctor Monday Prescription is a continuation of a popular article we ran a couple

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Monday Prescriptions – AFM Takeaway Box

Hello Film Doctor friends. With the 34th edition of the American Film Market behind us, the Film Doctor team would like to

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Monday Prescription – Why having multiple projects is killing you and your career..

Hi Film folk. The Film Doctor team pose to you a very important question (as part of our Monday Prescription series) – are

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Monday Prescriptions – 5 Things You Can Learn from Advertising

Hello Film Doctor friends. With so many filmmakers starting their careers at ad agencies,  it is no wonder that the Film Doctor

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Monday Prescriptions – Can you write and direct?

Clickety Click, we’re on our 66th Monday Prescription today! Take a look back through some of our previous posts and

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