Toronto Film Festival Winners 2016 (Full list)

Film Folk! The Toronto Film Festival winners have been announced and here’s who took home what on the night: Hello world,

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Fun Fridays – Director’s Favourite Films – Revisiting Ben Wheatley

Hello Film Doctor friends. So, once again, we arrive at our weekly Fun Friday post. With A Field In England – a true exercise in

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IN CONVERSATION: Laurie Rose (DP of A Field in England)

Welcome once again to our Film Doctor interview series! With Ben Wheatley‘s dark, mind-bending, black and white film, A FIELD IN ENGLAND,

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Fun Fridays – Director’s Favourite Films – Ben Wheatley

Hi Film Folk! This week sees the release of Sightseers’, a dark comedy thriller set in the countryside. But where

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Hi Film Folk! Today sees the DVD release of the BAFTA-nominated, black comedy BLACK POND, a film which follows ordinary British family

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