Monday Prescriptions – Using Film Formula

Good morning, Film Doctor friends. Time has come to welcome another Monday – and, with it, a new Monday Prescription. Summer is notoriously

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Monday Prescriptions – Shoot It, Don’t Post It

Hello Film Doctor friends.  Our Monday Prescription for this week holds a magnifying glass to the infamous film saying “We’ll fix

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The Best of 2012

Hi Film Folk! As the year yawns, shuts its eyes and draws itself to a close, The Film Doctor Team

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Fun Fridays – Director’s Favourite Films – Ben Wheatley

Hi Film Folk! This week sees the release of Sightseers’, a dark comedy thriller set in the countryside. But where

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Hi Film Folk! This week The Film Doctor Team have gone Swedish and chosen renowned director and poet Lukas Moodysson

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Art or business? It’s make your mind up time.

Hi Film Folk! Bright and early on this April Monday morning The Film Doctor Team have been talking about ‘film as

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Monday Prescriptions – Operation Bullseye

Hi Film Folk, Today’s post will be about choosing your target. And your only target is the right target. Let’s

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Monday Prescriptions – The Size [of Your Film] Matters

Hi Film Folk! Today we want to talk about ‘the first time’ – of making a film. Or rather, the

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Monday Prescriptions – Seeing you into the 2012

One week left until the start of year 2012, so we wanted to see you into it with wishes for

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