Oscar-winning LA Confidential screenwriter, Curtis Hanson, dies age 71

The Film Doctor team send our love to the family, friends and spirit of Curtis Hanson, the legendary screenwriter behind Oscar-winning film L.A. Confidential who passed away aged 71 from natural causes.

Hanson  – who is said to have retired in recent years due to Alzheimer’s –also successfully worked as a Director, shooting the likes of “The Hand That Rocks the Craddle” and “The River Wild” with Meryl Streep. He also directed Eminem in rap movie favourite “8 Mile”.

Eminem said of the director: “Curtis Hanson believed in me and our crazy idea to make a rap battle movie set in Detroit.

“He basically made me into an actor for 8 Mile. I’m lucky I got to know him.”

RIP Curtis. 

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