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The BAFTAs 2016 Winners have been announced and once again the Film Doctor team have a bunch of lessons to from them Winners to share:




Amy director Asif Kapadia, shared what he feels make his winning documentary so accessible and affecting:

“It’s about Amy, it’s also about London I feel, it’s about us, about the UK.  Somehow we’re all involved in this business or the entertainment business or whatever it is.  Having made the film everyone is somehow connected to Amy or has a little part in this story so it felt quite personal.”


The Revenant‘s Mary Parent expressed the importance of actors beyond just performing for the cameras:

 “Leo, Tom, should actually be up here accepting this award with us because when they weren’t in front of the camera doing something brilliant, they were working behind the scenes with us and making us better at our job.”




The Big Short screenwriter Charles Randolph explained how being open to collaboration from all angles helped give the project its unique style:

“We did do some improv but not a crazy amount. Adam is so collaborative. The real guy Gosling is playing had notes on the script. He said ‘these people you’ve got me hanging out with, I don’t hang out with those guys, I hang out with fashion people’

Director Adam McKay continued “So I said ‘whatever complaints you have, say them and I’ll have Ryan say them to camera’. There was improv but it was a different kind of improv.”



“I would not be standing up here if weren’t for this person.  I didn’t grow up in a life of privilege.  I grew up in a very rough neighbourhood in East Los Angeles and this woman drove me three hours a day to a different school to show me a different opportunity.  It’s her birthday tonight.  Mom, happy birthday, I love you very much.”

Leonardo DiCaprio





The Revenant‘s Leonardo DiCaprio showed his inner wisdom regarding awards:

“This is one thing that is absolutely beyond my control.  We did the work, we put our heart and soul into this movie.  I can’t say we didn’t put everything on the table creatively as an entire team in making this movie so, you know, it’s up to the world now and voters to decide all of those things but I’m really happy to be part of a film like this because I think that it’s a genre, the epic sort of art-house film is something that is basically becoming extinct in our industry and I think there’s an urge from audiences around the world to see something that is, you know, like I said poetic and epic and existential and all of those things.  So I’m just happy that, you know, more people are going to hopefully finance films like this in the future.  That’s my hope anyway.”




“Now, I would say that in my personal point of view, the problem of diversity in the Academy, I think, goes deeper to the diversity in the industry which goes deeper to the diversity in the cultural perception of the world.  So it’s a bigger question, it’s a bigger challenge which is a cultural thing.  So what I’m saying is that the more we keep talking about races like that, like we’re tribes and we don’t understand that we all are mixed race, want it or not, there is no purity in this and that’s the richness of humanity I think, there will be always conflict. 

So I think that, I don’t know the statistics but it’s true that I don’t know how many Mexican Americans or Mexicans or Latin Americans are portrayed in TV shows, in films, in advertising.  So I think compared to what really the population in the United States is, there’s a lot to do.  There’s a lot to do but has to start first with the point of view, the perception in the cultural media and then start to be impregnated, everything that — so that we all can be recognised — recognise ourselves, native Americans the same and Asians too, not only the African Americans, we all need to be recognised. 

There’s a lot of things.  I don’t have the answer now but there’s a lot we can all do little by little.”

Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu


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