Lessons from the 73rd Golden Globes (2016) for Actors and Directors

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So the Golden Globes have taken place (full list of winners here) and Film Doctor once again serve up some inspirational lessons from the ceremony (see Clooney and Keaton advice in 2015 here, McConaughey and Thompson 2014 here):

Film Doctor - Golden Globes

    • The Martian director and winner Ridley Scott: “Stay hungry and keep bouncing the ball.”


  • During his introduction to Denzel Washington’s Cecil B. Demille award, Tom Hanks said some words that can be used as great advice for actors: “Every generation filmgoers find a him or her, an artist who defines the time we live in. And as their credits are added to the IMDB, so too is the power of their persona and their personal taste. Their learned craft and instinctive talent. Their obvious abilities and the mysterious power they have to not just hold our attention but demand it. The history of film includes a record of actors who accrue a grand status of a body of work where every role, every choice is worthy of our study. You can NOT copy them. You can at best sort of emulate them. And damn it, stealing from them, bears no fruit.”


  • Washington himself, albeit on a different occasion to Entertainment Weekly, has passed on some excellent advice from his friend and senior: “Sidney Poitier told me the first three or four films you make will determine how you’re perceived in this business.”  


  • And Sly Stallone proved the importance of fighting for yourself: “I wanna thank my imaginary friend Rocky Bilboa for being the best friend I ever had.”


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