Fun Fridays – Storyboard Artist (Edge of Tomorrow, World War Z) David Allcock’s Favourite Films

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After an AWESOME storyboard artist week on Facebook and Twitter and our interview with Edge of Tomorrow, World War Z and Sherlock Holmes storyboard artist David Allcock, we finish off the week with a Fun Friday from the man himself!


David Allcock - storyboard artist - Film Doctor interview


What are your top ten ‘must-see movies’ to help a storyboard artist – or for that matter, a filmmaker – become better?


I’ve been thinking about this for a while and changed it over and over again [laughs] Don’t even know if this is 10, but, in no particular order:


“Jaws” – because it could be Spielberg’s greatest film and it’s a perfect example of what you don’t show and what you do show – atmosphere, tension.


“Raiders Of The Lost Ark” – because I still think it’s almost the perfect action film.


“Vertigo” – for a storyboard artist or visual storyteller you can’t go wrong with that.


“Psycho” – because it’s my favourite Hitchcock – again, he’s the master of visual storytelling.


“Black Narcissus” – is a favourite of mine, it’s got so much scope, yet it’s so intimate,  every frame in that film is a painting.


“Blade Runner” – Ridley Scott has a very strong visual sense – he does his own storyboards and he’s an accomplished illustrator himself.


“Die Hard” – is again still an amazing action film, the way the shots are composed, the geography of the action sequences, which is so important for storyboard artists – who’s where, how you get from A to B and how you link everything together, and don’t confuse the audience; there’s a guy on Vimeo, who does web series called “In The Cut” and he does a breakdown of action sequences.


“Once Upon A Time In the West” – is another all-time favourite of mine, Sergio Leone’s compositions are the definition of ‘action speaks louder than words’, no dialogue, more visual.


“The Shining” – I’m a big Kubrick fan.


Recently, I loved “Drive” – I must’ve watched that 5 or 6 times now and every time I look closer and closer at the filmmaking technique, and there are some incredible shots in there.


You can check out David’s interview here. MASSIVE thanks to him for talking to us and giving us such amazing insight and answers!! You can see (and buy) some more of his work at his website here.


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