Monday Prescription – Jan Harlan (Stanley Kubrick’s assistant, Exec and friend) on Kubrick

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This week the Film Doctor team were lucky enough to attend a FrightFest Q & A screening of The Shining with its Executive Producer Jan Harlan.

So today, rather than provide you with one of our traditional Monday Prescriptions, we’re going to offer up some insight into one of film’s greatest masters and pioneers: Stanley Kubrick.


Film Doctor - Stanley Kubrick


Harlan discussed many fanboy aspects of the film and its legacy, but here are some thoughts on Kubrick’s working process:


Working Well with Studios

“Kubrick wasn’t very stubborn. He was a very good trustee and wanted Warner Brothers to make their money back and make profit. So when they asked to lose a few minutes, he said sure.”


Artistic Compromise

“Kubrick wasn’t SO controlling. For example, on Full Metal Jacket, the marines are completely the wrong age. They’re too old. He saw hundreds of actors aged 19 and none of them were right. It was more important to him to have good actors than the correct age. So he started seeing actors 26 years old and up – which is completely the wrong age for the marines. He would compromise, if necessary, for the good of the film.”



And this we’ve sneaked in from an earlier interview with Harlan:

“He admired people who tried something new and took the risk of falling flat on their face.”

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