Lessons from the BAFTAS 2014

Hi Film Folk,

So, as per every year, The Film Doctor Team are offering up a BAFTA-themed Monday Prescription.

The Film Doctor Team were in attendance last night, so today we offer the words of wisdom that will and won’t have been televised!


Here is the BAFTA wisdom:


“It’s very difficult to get into acting for working class people nowadays – I recommend the National Youth Theatre as a way of getting in. It’s incredibly important.”

Dame Helen Mirren on young actors



“You have to come up with bad ideas to come up with movie ideas.”

Alfonso Cuarón


“I feel (the actors I write for) are my partners. It makes the process concrete (to have them cast while writing). I took what Eric did and do what I do: craft it for these actors and say, ‘Will you take this risk for me’? It’s a great challenge for five major roles. It’s an elaborate tapestry that takes a lot of care. Because I personally feel responsible to each actor, I can do the hard work. I can do that for two or three people, but this is the biggest picture I worked on.”

David O. Russell


“To you at home, if you have a film fermenting in your brain, then know that you could be up here one day. Everybody starts somewhere. Contrary to what you might think it is not a closed world. So to the established masters of the cinematic form, and for those who have yet to make one – Go for it. I mean it.”

Stephen Fry

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