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We start this week’s Fun Friday with a very “Valentine’s”- fitting release, “Her” , enjoying this interview with its Director, Spike Jonze .

“Her” could be listed amongst other “alternative love films” – here is a sample list for your inspiration (originally published in “Glamour” magazine, Timeout London, The Film and )

…and one “computer-human” love story from the 1980-s – with role reversal:


George Clooney 66ème Festival de Venise 2

Another big opening in the UK cinemas this Friday (14 Feb 2014) is “The Monuments Men” , helmed by George Clooney

His top 5 faves are said to be: 


But Mr. Clooney didn’t stop there – he actually published a list of his “100 Favourite Films Between 1964 and 1976” ! And it’s a very extensive one:

  • Blow Up (1966, dir. Michelangelo Antonioni)
  • MASH (1970, dir. Robert Altman)

The full list of all 100 titles can be found here .

Why 1964-1976 ? Clooney has previously shared his affection for this particular period, naming it “the greatest era in filmmaking by far”:

“I’m a product of the ’70s filmmakers. I grew up with that. I believe from, like, 1964 to 1976 was the greatest time in filmmaking by far. That was the era that I was watching movies the most. I gave all my friends for Christmas 100 films between 1964 and ’76. Dr. Strangelove, All the President’s Men, Bonnie and Clyde—movies that were really changing the face of filmmaking.” (G. Clooney for Parade Magazine, 2011)

 Film Doctor The Monuments Men UK Poster
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