The Best of 2013

Hi Film Folk,

Well, well, well! The Film Doctor team are back from our wintery rest and ready to take 2014 for a long, fast spin!

We’ve got a lot of lovely client work to plough through this January/February and some nice posts lined up for all to see, but before we move into the future with such feverish pace here’s a little look back at the best Film Doctor articles of 2013 that you may have missed out on.

Film Doctor - Best of 2013

Here are the top articles, as voted by the amount of views, Twitter RTs, Facebook shares and Reddit upvotes we received:

10.‘ In Conversation: Laurie Rose (A Field in England)’

9. ‘How to be Quentin Tarantino’

8. ‘Straight from the Directing Horse’s Mouth (aka ‘Lessons from Famous Film Directors’)’

7. ‘9 Things to do with your First Screenplay’

6. ‘Why having multiple projects is killing you and your career.’

5. ‘5 Mistakes that Kill High Concept’

4. ‘Tighten Your Writing’

3. ‘A Director’s Guide to Actors’

2. ‘5 Mistakes to Avoid When Looking for your First Film Job’

And our most popular post of 2013??

1.‘8 Signs You Should Not Be in the Movie Business’


The Best of the Rest

Don’t miss out on some other favourites. Our interview with Downton Abbey Christmas Special director Jon East, Lucy V. Hay‘s ‘Writing Thriller Screenplays’ excerpt and How to Write and Oscar-winning Script’.

 Film Doctor - New Year 2014

We wish you all the best with your 2014 and beyond (if you don’t believe us, see our New Year Motivational Message’ here). It’s such a pleasure to work with, discuss and assist with so many people from all corners of the earth. Here’s to you hitting your deadlines and getting those goals!

Oh, before you go! If you’ve only just joined ‘the Film Doctor party’ this year then take a look back on our best of 2012 at some other popular posts you may have missed. Now, get your whips, chains and torturing devices out, and show 2014 who’s boss!!

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Have a great week!


The Film Doctor Team
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