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Hello Film Doctor friends.

Wishing you another Fun Fridaythe Film Doctor team turns to Director Luc Besson , whose latest – very “Leon”-style – installment, “The Family” , hits the UK screens today.

Film Doctor Luc Besson

Besson has been known to mention Scorsese, Spielberg and Forman as his 3 favourite directors.

Furthermore, “The Family” is actually executive produced by Martin Scorsese:   The book [“Malavita”, on which the movie is based] and the film are really an homage to Martin Scorsese, for sure.  I was very young when I saw “Taxi Driver” and “Mean Streets” and I am a huge fan of the master! That’s why we called him at the beginning and said, “Would you like to be involved with us? Because it would mean a lot to us.” He was kind enough to accept and it was already a lot of happiness for me. It’s really a love letter to Scorsese.” (L. Besson in an interview for Drew Taylor,, 2013)

Film Doctor - The Family 2013 Movie Poster

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