Monday Prescriptions – What Does A Producer Do? Part 2 – From the Producers

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Every so often, we like to provide you with “referrals” – matters discussed by the ‘third party experts’ or, put it simply, ones who actually practice those jobs every day. Thus, apart from the Film Doctor team‘s “prescription” on the subject, you’ll also get a chance to hear it “straight from the horse’s mouth”.

Film Doctor - Producer

This new Monday Prescription we continue to explore the subject of film producing – and what lies behind the title Producer, giving the floor to the Producers themselves – film industry veterans and budding emerging independent talent:


‘Monday Prescription’ No. 81 –  А nice little summary from Carlton Evans, co-founder and executive director of The Disposable Film Festival:  “In the last 10 years, with the advent of digital filmmaking and distribution systems, everything has changed. The film industry has been turned upside down as theatrical fell into a very serious and deep decline, the market has been flooded with content, and new digital avenues have sprung up. In this environment the producer has come to be something more. Though fundraising is still a chief responsibility, this new creative producer must do much more than that — from nurturing the initial concept all the way through to marketing, distributing. As the person who shepherds the film through the world after completion, he or she has become the link between the filmmaker and the audience. And the producer’s success is leveraged to make the next project possible.”

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