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With based-on-a-true story Formula 1 roller-coaster “Rush out in the UK this weekend, the Film Doctor team have chosen its director for this week’s Fun Friday – Ron Howard!

For those new to Fun Friday, here’s the deal: each Friday we share a list of one renowned director’s favourite films. Your job is simply to note and watch them! Expand your cinematic knowledge and experience, creatively, technically and historically!

Ron Howard 2011 Shankbone 2
By David Shankbone (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Ron Howard was born to an acting family and went on to successfully emerge from being a child actor to a recognised adult one and, ultimately, a recognised director.  Not surprisingly, his film legacy is full to the brim with family values.

In fact, Ron’s list comes with a little “message to the future generation” and what he’d hope to see on his grandchildren’s list:

(This list appeared in USA Weekend on 22 Feb 2013) 


When the grandchildren are little:

And as they get older:

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