Fun Fridays – Director’s Favourite Films – The Artistic Director’s List

Hello Film Doctor friends. 

This Fun Friday we’re changing things up a little bit. Instead of listing a recent release and the favourite films of its director, we’re paying tribute to a rather key film industry event.

With the 2013 edition of Edinburgh Film Festival already underway, we’ve decided to take this week’s film recommendations from its new Artistic Director, film writer & critic Chris Fujiwara.

Film Doctor - Chris Fujiwara

“As quickly as I could, I listed ten great films that I knew well, had seen many times, and thought I could watch for years to come with pleasure and with new discoveries to make each viewing. Then I put the list away. A few days later I took it out, changed a few things, and put it away again. A few days after that, it still seemed OK, so that’s my list.” 

Here it is:

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