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It’s been a busy week at Film Doctor towers, so we’re a little late with our Fun Friday.

Over it? Great!

With the UK release of Byzantium,  The Film Doctor Team have selected its provocative Irish Director Neil Jordan. 

Film Doctor - Neil Jordan

Jordan has an interesting past. Allegedly forbidden to watch television and only allowed to attend the cinema twice a month, he found solace in literature – so, this Fun Friday may consist of other art forms as well as “Favourite Films”.


Here is Neil Jordan‘s list of influences:

 New German Cinema / Italian Cinema – His clear debt to European art cinema can be traced back to film debut “Angel” (and first collaboration with Stephen Rea, who will become a fixture in the director’s films).

Jean-Pierre Melville – Neil Jordan remade and expanded Melville’s classic “Bob le Flambeur” (1956) in the form of “The Good Thief” (2002).

Literature – Jordan clearly likes to sit down and get stuck into a good book, having made a string of adaptations. Authors include Graham Greene (f0r his “The End Of The Affair”), Angela Carter (for “The Company Of Wolves”) and Anne Rice novels – “Interview With the Vampire”.

-And, as if it wasn’t obvious from both his old and new work, he is a highly dedicated fan of the spooky:  “I love the horror genre!”  

“Byzantium” opens in UK cinemas nationwide today (31 May 2013).


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