Monday Prescriptions – Lessons from BAFTA, v.2013

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This time last year we looked at what BAFTA winners can teach us , so we follow this post-BAFTA Monday Prescription with the same “straight from the horse’s mouth” idea. This year’s winners serve some ‘prescriptions’.
First thing first, let’s re-cap last night’s winners.




  • “Teamwork” – As it was confirmed by last year’s winners, people around you are important – as collaborators, employers, friends.

Jacqueline Durran (Best Costume Design, Anna Karenina): “Thank you to BAFTA for recognising Anna Karenina, thank you to my team for their collective brilliance, and thank you to Keira Knightley and Joe Wright for inspiring me.”

William Goldenberg (Best Editing, Argo): “Thank you so much for this honour. Obviously filmmaking is a team effort and I wouldn’t be standing here without the hundreds of people who worked on Argo and gave us their brilliant work.”


  • “In Director We Trust” – Although making a film is a collective effort, it also needs someone to guide and lead. Last night saw many of the winners – in particular actors – pay dues to their Directors.

Christoph Waltz (Best Supporting Actor, Django Unchained): “Thank you so much for this immense honour. Why I get to stand here is really no mystery, because it says at the very beginning of our movie, “Written and directed by Quentin Tarantino” but of course I want to thank Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio and the rest. But it all starts and ends with Quentin. But really, beyond everything I need and want to thank you for most of all is the trust that I will put your creation to good use, you silver-penned devil you! Thank you!”

William Goldenberg (Best Editing, Argo) “I want to thank Warners for making the film and my wife Allison for keeping me going. And most of all I want to thank Ben – you were a partner every day and it was a thrill coming in to work every day.”

Daniel Day-Lewis (Best Leading Actor, Lincoln): “I am so grateful for such a generous reception of our film, and to my fellow nominees. I don’t know if I deserve this, but I know every one of you does. We weren’t on a rudderless boat – Steven Spielberg was the rudder, the boatbuilder, the boat and the sea we sailed on.”

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