Fun Fridays – Director’s Favourite Films – Peter Jackson

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It’s The Hobbit time and since thousands of you will be flocking to the big screen to watch the first third of J.R.R. Tolkien‘s classic book adaptation, The Film Doctor Team have chosen its director Peter Jackson for this week’s Fun Friday.

Watch the films that influenced the man behind some of the last decade’s biggest films!


Here is Mr. Jackson’s list:

1. King Kong (Cooper, 1933).

2. The General (Keaton, 1926).

3. Dawn of the Dead (Romero, 1978).

4. The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (Juran, 1958).

5. Dr. No (Young, 1962).

6. From Russia with Love (Young, 1963).

7. Goldfinger (Hamilton, 1964).

8. Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter (Clemens, 1974).

9. Thunderbirds Are GO (Lane, 1966).

10. Jurassic Park (Spielberg, 1993).

11. The Abyss (Cameron, 1989).

12. Saving Private Ryan (Spielberg, 1998).

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