MONDAY PRESCRIPTION – Are you even in the right country?

Hello Film Folk!

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Seeing as The Film Doctor Team are an International Film Service,  we are going to ask you one big life (or project) question:


Are you even in the right country?


Film Doctor - Lone Traveller


The Film Doctor Team have noticed that one of the least thought about antidotes to a general filmmaker’s film/career/life is where they are, geographically, and whether this is ideal for the specific marketplace they lean towards.

Now, as always, we like to remind everybody that this might not apply to you but, as always, it is worth considering if it does.

If you are British, living in Britain and are writing/producing/directing a story that takes place inside Windsor castle and involves a lot of red telephone booths, Union Jacks and red double decker buses then you may rest in the knowledge that you are writing a very ‘home specific’ project .

However, if your project is about a man trapped in a bunker full of zombies or a couple divorcing and remarrying then perhaps location is not important and there is a territory elsewhere that may be more accommodating.

Who knows? Maybe there is a territory out there that is desperately hungry for your kind of project.


Film Doctor - National Flags


Here are some reasons that relocating to/exploring overseas might be a life-changing option:

    • Financial: raising money and the tax incentives may be better for you.
    • The chance of distribution may be higher.
    • Maybe you have always felt that you and your projects aren’t at home at home.


In conclusion, The Film Doctor Team would advise you that if your work is not specific to England, or worse is definitely specific to another country altogether, then perhaps it’s time to put the tea and jam scones down, do some research and leave our shores for a more fertile ground to make your work.


‘Monday Prescription’ No. 32 – Know what ‘your’ genre/style is. Look at what countries are producing work similar to your own. Don’t unnecessarily stay bound to your country of birth if that isn’t best for you or your style.

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One thought on “MONDAY PRESCRIPTION – Are you even in the right country?

  • October 8, 2012 at 7:02 am

    It’s a folly I know, but I always had this idea that I’d learn French and go make French films.
    There’s a couple of reasons. Firstly, they actually appear to have an active film business independent of Hollywood (Britain doesn’t). Secondly, my style of pretentious, oblique filmmaking might go down well there.
    Who knows? 🙂


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