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This week’s Monday Prescription is going to be as short and sweet as the Men’s 100m. We have already covered ‘what sports can teach Film Folk’ but this week we’re going to focus on success – the not-so-secret secrets of the Olympic Gold Medalists.




We’re going to let the quotations speak for themselves as they can be applied to producing, directing, acting, screenwriting or any other career!


“When you’re sleeping, I’m working. I’m toiling through the night. It’s what great men do”.  Yohan Blake, Gold and Silver medal winner, Jamaica.


“What’s the secret of my success? It’s all hard work and grafting. It’s been a long journey grafting and grafting, but anything is possible.” Mo Farah, Double Gold Medalist, Great Britain.


“Once I entered the straight I told myself to keep it up, don’t die on me now.” Usain Bolt, Gold, Gold, Gold and Gold medal winner, Jamaica.


‘Monday Prescription’ No. 26 – Work. Hard. Very Hard. All the time.

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