Monday Prescriptions – The Anti-social Network?

Hi Film Folk,

Another week ahead of us, which means it’s time for Film Doctor‘s regular ‘Monday Prescription.

Value of networks

How many Tweets have you posted today? Joined any new groups/discussions on LinkedIn? Got many ‘Likes’ on your project’s Facebook page? Yes, The Film Doctor Team are talking networking today. But we’d like to take our talk outside of the confines of social media and into ‘real’ life. How do you acquire a truly substantial network of people?

As we all know, making films is a hugely collective effort. It is so much about ‘who you know.’ That chance acquaintance in a hallway at a film festival might give you some agents numbers, that DVD reviewer you schmoozed at your friend’s BBQ might get you some newspaper coverage, that talented neighbour’s daughter who happens to own loads of film kit might help you save thousands from your budget…


Do you think you are currently ‘well-connected’?

Maybe you were born with connections. Or maybe you weren’t. Either way you need them and either way they have to be genuine.

And this brings us to the ‘real world’. To the people you ‘really’ know. That you can call and meet tomorrow. We recommend you sit down for 5 minutes right now and make a list of all the companies/organisations that you have worked with/for, in one way or another, e.g. interning, freelancing, co-production, etc. How many people do you know in each of those companies? What do they do? What are they doing now? How many people do you know in general?! List them and make notes.

Now, how well do you know each of those people? Are you still in contact with any of them? Would they remember your name/face if you approached them again? Have you run into any of those people at an industry event in the last  2 weeks / 6 months / a year? Have you been to any?!

This post may not be relevant to you. Sorry. Not all of them can be. But to those of you shocked at how slim your database is then unglue your fingertips from the keyboard, pick up the phone and meet somebody. Now. Or at least organise something.

Social media marketing is part of an overall marketing and promotional strategy, not the sole tool (unless you are conducting ALL business online). Meaning Twitter & Co. are your complimenting resources, to be used in addition to everything physical.

A true ‘High-Networking Individual’ knows how to work it online and offline, and furthermore knows how to turn online into offline…but that just might be another prescription for another day…


‘Monday Prescription’ No.14 – Become a ‘High-Networking Individual’ (Not Just Online).

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Have a great week!
The Film Doctor Team
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