Nightcrawler - Jake Gyllenhaal - photo by Chuck Zlotnick
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Nightcrawler - Jake Gyllenhaal - photo by Chuck Zlotnick

Fun Fridays – Editor (Nightcrawler, Pacific Rim, Michael Clayton) John Gilroy’s Favourite Films

Hi Film Folk! This week we interviewed top-notch Nightcrawler editor John Gilroy. So, today, our Fun Friday is with him! What would be your “Top 10 films to watch”, be it as a visual editing guide or just personal favourites? There are far too many great movies for me to have a top ten list … Continue reading

Film Doctor - John Gilroy interview

In Conversation: John Gilroy (Editor of Nightcrawler, Pacific Rim, Michael Clayton)

Hi Film Folk!   With the awards season in full swing, there’s no better time to talk to the creatives we admire and find out more about their craft, creative process and career.   That’s right, we have another special interview guest! This time ACE and BAFTA nominated editor (for Nightcrawler), John Gilroy!        Congratulations … Continue reading

Kari Perkins - Costume Designer - Film Doctor Interview

In Conversation: Kari Perkins (Costume Designer of Boyhood, Devil’s Knot, Mud) Part 1

Hey Film Folk! Awards season continues and so do we. Today we have a delicious interview with the creative mind behind the costumes of Richard Linklater‘s 12 year masterpiece – Boyhood.  That’s right. Today we speak to Costume Designers Guild Award nominee (for Boyhood) Kari Perkins!!     What kind of family background do you come … Continue reading


Monday Prescription: Are you selling out? And is it good for you and your career?

Hey Film folk!   Now that we’ve got our teeth fully into 2015 with some awesome interviews and interesting client work, let’s launch the first Monday Prescription of the year.   Today, we focus on the subject of ‘selling out’….starting with some awkward adages…     OK, so we’re going to try and break through … Continue reading

Edge of Tomorrow storyboard - David Allcock

Fun Fridays – Storyboard Artist (Edge of Tomorrow, World War Z) David Allcock’s Favourite Films

Hey Film Folk!   After an AWESOME storyboard artist week on Facebook and Twitter and our interview with Edge of Tomorrow, World War Z and Sherlock Holmes storyboard artist David Allcock, we finish off the week with a Fun Friday from the man himself!     What are your top ten ‘must-see movies’ to help a … Continue reading



Hello, Film Doctor friends. As the EE BAFTA Awards 2015 nominations were revealed on the 9th January, and the Oscars nominees have been announced earlier today, the Film Doctor Team thought to share the two full lists in one handy post. What do you think of the similarities? Differences? Who would you place your bets on? As the … Continue reading

Edge of Tomorrow storyboard - David Allcock - Film Doctor

In Conversation: David Allcock (Storyboard Artist of Edge of Tomorrow, World War Z, Fast and Furious 6) – PART 2

Hi Film Folk!   On this wonderful Wednesday morning, we bring to you Part 2 of awesome storyboard artist, David Allcock‘s interview.   If you didn’t catch Part 1 of David Allcock’s interview, check it out here!!   <  How closely do you work with the cinematographer or production designer? DA: Probably more closely with … Continue reading

David Allcock - storyboard artist - Film Doctor interview

In Conversation: David Allcock (Storyboard Artist of Edge of Tomorrow, World War Z, Fast and Furious 6) – PART 1

Hi Film Folk! The Film Doctor Team are delighted to bring you another edition of our Interview series. This time with the amazing mind (and fingers) behind the storyboards of Edge of Tomorrow, World War Z, both Sherlock Holmes movies and the forthcoming The Man from U.N.C.L.E. We introduce to you the awesome David Allcock!   … Continue reading

Film Doctor - Golden Globes

72nd Golden Globes (2015) – Full List of winners and Inspiration

Hi Film Folk! The Film Doctor Team have written up all the Golden Globe Film Award Winners in one helpful post.     Here are the winners:   Best Supporting Actress –Patricia Arquette (Boyhood)  Best Original Score – Jóhann Jóhannsson (The Theory of Everything) Best Original Song –  Glory by John Legend and Common (Selma) Best Actress … Continue reading

Happy Holidays – A Year in Monday Prescriptions

Hello Film Doctor friends, As we begin to unwrap this holiday week, we’d like to thank you for sharing your projects with us and wish you all the very, merry best this festive period… ..and we have a little gift of our own! The Top 5 ‘Monday Prescriptions’ of 2014.   Lessons from Top 5 Monday Prescriptions … Continue reading

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