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John McKeown1

Fun Fridays – John McKeown’s 1st AD (50/50, Albert Nobbs) Favourite Films

Hello Film Doctor friends. Earlier this week we’ve had the pleasure of sharing an interview with the wonderful 1st Assistant Director, John McKeown.  Today we’re sharing John’s favourite films. What would be your “top favourite films” list? Jaws is still the perfect movie – no one can convince me otherwise! Goodfellas & The Shining are also in the top … Continue reading

John McKeown1

In Conversation: John McKeown 1st AD (I Saw The Light, 50/50, Albert Nobbs)

Hello Film Doctor friends. Awards Season may be over but we’re still on the work treadmill as always. Today, we have the pleasure of sharing another in our interview series. This time we delve into a role that entire films would literally fall apart without – the first assistant director.  We are joined by an awesome man … Continue reading

The 87th Academy Awards® will air live on Oscar® Sunday, February 24, 2013.


Hi Film Folk, The Film Doctor Team say a fond farewell to another Awards season and, as always, we’ve gone and squeezed all of the productive and inspiring goodness out of it for you. See the full list of winners here. Scroll down to read wise words from the winners!     This year’s winners … Continue reading


Hi Film Folk, As the curtain closes once again, The Film Doctor Team give you this year’s FULL LIST of ACADEMY AWARD WINNERS. * Do NOT READ PAST THIS PICTURE if you don’t want to know the results*     BEST ACTOR IN SUPPORTING ROLE – J.K. SIMMONS (Whiplash) BEST ACTRESS IN SUPPORTING ROLE – PATRICIA ARQUETTE  (Boyhood) BEST … Continue reading

Barney Pilling - Film Doctor interview - photo by JC Prince

Fun Fridays – Editor (The Grand Budapest Hotel, Never Let Me Go, An Education) Barney Pilling’s Favourite Films

Hello Film Doctor friends! Earlier this week we’ve had the pleasure of sharing an interview with the wonderful Oscar-nominated, ACE Eddie-winner, Editor Barney Pilling.  Today we’re looking at Barney’s favourite films.   Top 10 films that all filmmakers or editors could do with seeing? I think I prefer the edit to be invisible – if it’s … Continue reading

Barney Pilling - Film Doctor interview - photo by JC Prince

In Conversation: Barney Pilling (Editor of The Grand Budapest Hotel, Never Let Me Go, An Education)

Hello Film Doctor friends.   Fresh off the heels of the BAFTAs, we are thrilled to share with you our interview with the winner of this year’s ACE Eddie award, BAFTA and Academy Award nominee, Barney Pilling…     Where did you grow up? Did you come from a creative background? What was your relationship to film growing … Continue reading



Hi Film Doctor friends, The Film Doctor Team brings you the FULL LIST OF BAFTA AWARD WINNERS from the 68th BAFTAs. ***DO NOT READ PAST THIS PICTURE IF YOU INTEND TO WATCH A DELAYED CEREMONY BROADCAST****   Here is the FULL LIST of BAFTA 2015 winners:   OUTSTANDING BRITISH FILM PRIDE David Livingstone   BRITISH SHORT FILM … Continue reading

Elaine Constantine - Film Doctor interview

In Conversation: Elaine Constantine (Writer/Director of Northern Soul – BAFTA nominee)

Hi Film Folk!   It’s BAFTAs day and we have an awesome read for you as we await the awards. This time with nominated Northern Soul director – and acclaimed photographer – Elaine Constantine.     You have a dressmaker grandma, tailors mother and your sister is a designer, so presumably you came from a very … Continue reading

Kari Perkins - Interview - Boyhood

In Conversation: Kari Perkins (Costume Designer of Boyhood, Devil’s Knot, Mud) Part 2

Hi Film Folk! Earlier this week we offered you Part 1 of our interview with the sublime Kari Perkins – the Costumer Designers Guild Awards nominee for Boyhood. Well today we bring you the second (and final) part. If you missed Part 1, check it out here!     So coming to Mr. Linklater – … Continue reading

Nightcrawler - Jake Gyllenhaal - photo by Chuck Zlotnick

Fun Fridays – Editor (Nightcrawler, Pacific Rim, Michael Clayton) John Gilroy’s Favourite Films

Hi Film Folk! This week we interviewed top-notch Nightcrawler editor John Gilroy. So, today, our Fun Friday is with him! What would be your “Top 10 films to watch”, be it as a visual editing guide or just personal favourites? There are far too many great movies for me to have a top ten list … Continue reading

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