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Film Doctor - Steve Saklad

In Conversation: Steve Saklad (Production Designer of 22 Jump Street, The Muppets, Labor Day)

Hi Film Folk! The Film Doctor Team are delighted to bring you another exclusive Interview (you can check out others here). This time we’re joined by the mind behind the designs for some of the biggest hits of the last few years (22 Jump Street, The Muppets) – Production Designer, Steve Saklad!     What is … Continue reading

UP IN THE AIR - Final Scene Sketch

Fun Friday – Production Designer Steve Saklad’s Favourite Films

Hi Film Folk, It’s FUN FRIDAY time and this week we asked recent interviewee, Production Designer Steve Saklad (22 Jump Street, The Muppets) what film he feels every Production Designer or filmmaker should watch. You can read his full interview about his life and career here.     So Steve, what are the top 10 … Continue reading

Film Doctor - Rewriting after casting

Monday Prescription: Re-writing dialogue and character after casting

Hi Film Folk! It’s been quite a while since the Film Doctor team have fired a Monday Prescription your way. This is because we’ve been hunting down new creatives for our Interview section. We have personal chats coming up with the minds behind 22 Jump Street, Boyhood, Edge of Tomorrow, Fading Gigolo, Game of Thrones and many … Continue reading

Michel Gondry James Gunn

Fun Fridays – Director’s Favourite Films – Michel Gondry and James Gunn

Hello Film Doctor friends. This Fun Friday we’ve got a yummy double bill for you – extensive film picks from Writer/Directors  Michel Gondry (“Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind”,  “The Green Hornet”, “The Science of Sleep”) and James Gunn (“Movie 43″, “Scooby-Doo”). Gondry – who’s latest project,  “Mood Indigo”, hits UK cinemas today – offers a double-length list of film choices. First up … Continue reading


In Conversation: Allan Starski (Production Designer of Schindler’s List, The Pianist, Oliver Twist)

Hi Film Folk, Today The Film Doctor Team bring you another exclusive interview-shaped treat for your film-hungry minds. Production Designer Allan Starski (Schindler’s List, The Pianist, Oliver Twist) joins us for a chat about his life, career and work process.     Interview by Ksenia Safrey   Allan, you grew up in war-time/post-war Poland – how did … Continue reading

Film Doctor Directors David Gordon Green and Brett Ratner

Fun Fridays – Director’s Favourite Films – Brett Ratner and David Gordon Green (but not a film list)

Hello Film Doctor friends. Is everybody enjoying the sun? Or air conditioned cinemas?! As you know, our “Monday Prescriptions”  and “Fun Fridays” have had a little hiatus, but we’re back and here’s a little something to honour this weekend’s release of  “Hercules” and “Joe”. Hercules director, Brett Ratner (producer of “Horrible Bosses”, director “X-Men: The Last Stand”)  has selected 5: The Kid Stays in the Picture (2002, dir. Nanette … Continue reading

Director Richard Linklater

Fun Fridays – Director’s Favourite Films – Richard Linklater

Hello Film Doctor friends How was your week? This week’s Fun Friday comes with the release of  “Boyhood” – a 12-years-in-the-making tale of growing up,  Richard Linklater‘s latest project. So we turn to Mr. Linklater (“Before Sunrise”, “Before Sunset”, “Before Midnight“, “Dazed and Confused”, “Bernie”) for a list of cinema favourites (as previously selected for Time Out: Director’s Choice, Sight & Sound and Criterion) … Continue reading

Film Doctor Happy 4th July

Fun Fridays – Director’s Favourite Films – Hollywood’s Favourite Films

Hello Film Doctor friends. Happy Independence Day to all of our US friends! In the spirit of the occasion, today’s Fun Friday post draws on a film selection from Hollywood’s key players. A total of 2,120 industry members, including Fox chief Jim Gianopulos, Disney’s Alan Horn, director Gary Ross, producer Frank Marshall, Warners’ Sue Kroll, agent Robert Newman, creator … Continue reading

Film doctor - The Exorcist

Monday Prescription – What makes a ‘nice shot’?

Hi Film Folk, In today’s Monday Prescription, The Film Doctor Team address one of the most talked about and, perhaps most misunderstood, aspects of film-making – the ‘nice’ or ‘iconic’ shot. Yes, we’re all familiar with ‘those moments’. ‘That’ shower scene in Psycho, or ‘that’ long tracking shot in Soy Cuba or Touch of Evil. Empire magazine … Continue reading

Jon Favreau Chef movie

Fun Fridays – Director’s Favourite Films – Jon Favreau

Hello Film Doctor friends. Things have been a bit quiet at our HQ, huh? That’s because the Film Doctor team have been wrapping up all those “Summer Lovin” script and film marketing reports we’ve been lucky to work on – we still have 3 days of the offer left so jump in fast and email us for … Continue reading

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